The Strongest Weapon In the World

a.k.a. Weapons of Mass Happiness / 2006 ~
The strongest weapon in the world is an object that cannot be destroyed by any strong weapons in the world. When attacked, it responds with beautiful messages. And it lives forever to deliver those messages.

Could be a truth, time-lined lies from politicians, wishes, and etc
An event is needed to trigger the shout
Stored in strongest digital format: will live forever and be copied easily
Capable of withstanding nuclear bomb explosions: a strong electromagnetic filed counter shield is needed
All weather-proof, water-proof, air-tight: a spacecraft exterior casing method
New interaction method is needed to work with the weapon since it is tightly sealed
Based on spacecraft designs
Radiation Hardened S/W & H/W
Slow clock speed CPUs for low power comsumption
Redundant Systems
Heat-transfer considered components mounting structure
High efficiency solar panel
Supercapacitors for power boost
MPPT (Maximum Peak Power Tracking) system for solar charger
mass: shout out mesages to the world
Internet was a candidate for nuclear war
Needs new method in the event of Internet infra. break down
Carve simpe receiver assembly drawings on exterior of the weapon, so people still listen to WMH
private: controlling the weapon locally for setting up
No switches and handles are allowed for seamless outer shell
Electromagnetic field based manipulation is needed
Prototype 1: 2006 version

Technical Specification:
800mm Diameter
200 kg
6061 Aluminum Alloy Pouring
Military Grade Mini ITX computer
Geiger Muller Radiation Counter
Receipt Printer
high frame rate 1394 Camera
Active Monitor Speaker
2 * 300W InfraRed Bulb
Make Controller
Ultrasonic Rangefinder
How it works:
To make WMH explode, approach it with radioactive material – Alternate way of exploding WMH is by having a right keys and s/w combination on front panel
WMH explodes by playing very loud ship horn sound and spurts out printed messages from the gap on the front panel
pics | read more

Prototype 2: I Love You, 2010

Technical Specification:
250mm * 250mm * 250mm
SC45 Steel
Impact sensor
Audio module
Hammer & Helmet
How it works:
Wear the helmet
Grap the hammer
Hit the weapon really hard


K-SAD workshop006, 2009
A very private histories of young students mixed with some public events carved on cow bone for their eternity.
more can be found at (korean)

Research on electromagnetic shield against NEAR nuclear bomb explosion
Research on new wireless communication method in severe electromagnetic storm – i.e. nuclear explosion
Find the interior material for cold fusion reaction
Collect lies that disturbed people in national scale
More workshops
Make a global forum / conf. on “the strongest weapon in the world” for real implementation idea