Radiation Jewelry / 2010

Jewelrys for who wants to commit suicide.

Taste the death before making a final decision.

1. Uranium Necklace, 2010

Taste the death before committing a suicide
Upon buying the jewelry, the length of the necklace is adjusted with wire stopper so you cannot take it off
You can only remove the necklace by stainless steel wire cutter.
Use the steel wire whenever you feel like to make a final decision.
We deliver and install the necklace for you
Uranium 238 ore (pic | UPS package)
Uranium oxcide bead
1.2mm Stainless steel wire
* Upon the request, authenticity of radioactive materials can be shown using a Geiger counter.

** There is NO RETURN.


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Today, we need stronger material to taste the death. Cigarette is not enough.. Quit smoking & Feel the rad.